There has been much talk about Wisconsin ranking 50th for startups. Is that a fair assessment?

First off, I would say – don’t shoot the messenger. There is much for us to work on, to improve our entrepreneurial culture in Wisconsin. Groups like gener8tor, WEDC and MEDCare helping with that. But, I would also say there is much that we are already good at, and that has not been recognized or even discussed; and there is much opportunity for us to soar. So then, who is this rare and elusive creature, referred to as the “Wisconsin Entrepreneur,” does she exist, and if so, what are her characteristics?

Last week, we had a roundtable discussion with business and thought leaders at Concordia University to discuss exactly this; and that discussion has gotten me thinking. So, indulge me now as I share my ponderings. I built my entrepreneurial credentials in southern California, but am a loyal cheese-head who is deeply committed to growing the Wisconsin entrepreneurial ecosystem, so I am very intrigued with this question. Read the full story here.