Wait … wait … wait. The deals get better by the second.

But don’t wait too long. The item you want could sell out.

At 7:30 p.m. every night, a host introduces a new product to the thousands watching Gravy Live. The deal of the day could be an instant digital camera, a mini heater or a newly released Super Smash Bros. video game.

It’s a modern mix of doorbuster sales, QVC home shopping and “The Price Is Right,” started by Madison-based Gravy Live Inc. in March.

Already, Gravy Live has grown an audience of around 4,000 people who watch the live show on its app any given night. On Cyber Monday, the show had what it called a “Gravy Buffet” and dropped four hours worth of different products, one after another.

The hosts change, with Gravy hiring comedians, radio personalities and actors to run the show.

A product starts at full price and goes lower and lower every second. The “full price” is usually set by what the product retails for on Amazon. Viewers decide when the deal is good enough to buy. Gravy has a limited, unknown number of each product that it will sell each night. Read the full story here.