When Timothy Nott and Dominic DiMarco look back on their failed business, neither has many regrets.

A year ago, MobileIgniter, which specialized in “Internet of Things” devices, was one of Madison’s hottest startups. Nott and DiMarco were seen as seasoned pros (some might even say “godfathers”) in the city’s entrepreneurial community.

Six months ago, Mobileigniter folded. The five-year-old company, one of the first to have graduated from the gener8tor startup accelerator program, had been making just enough “to keep the lights on.” But the goal was to grow in a more explosive way, and Nott and DiMarco had run out of ideas for how to do that.

“We were a venture-backed startup, and it was expected that we would scale, and grow massively,” said DiMarco. Read the full story here.