Investors in La Crosse have revived hopes for a medical device, invented in Madison, aimed at helping people who have swallowing disorders.

The Idea Fund of La Crosse has purchased the SwallowSTRONG device and technology from Swallow Solutions for $500,000.

The Idea Fund has created a new company, Swallow Therapeutics, to market the product. The company will be based in La Crosse.

“We’re excited to bring this cutting-edge health care company to La Crosse, where we believe it will have the right financial support, ecosystem and mentoring to reach its full potential,” Jonathon Horne, managing director of the Idea Fund, said.

SwallowSTRONG treats dysphagia, a condition that involves difficulty swallowing, and often affects older adults or those who have suffered strokes or head injuries. Read the full story here.