Exact Sciences and the Urban League of Greater Madison (ULGM) have partnered to highlight how businesses and non-profit organizations can work together to strengthen the community, the organization announced recently.

According to a release, the ULGM is working with Exact Sciences to expand a program that will create more opportunities in the biosciences for people who are unemployed or underemployed by training them for internships, apprenticeships and employment.

“We are confident that our partnership can improve the participation of underrepresented populations in our community’s bioscience sector,” CEO Kevin Conroy said in a blog post.

Training will take place at the joint City of Madison and Urban League employment center located near Exact Sciences’ new campus.

In October 2017, the biotech company was one of five corporate partners that were part of contributing $410,000 to jumpstart a $2 million fundraising campaign that will honor the Urban League’s 50th anniversary and achieve their goal of 1,500 job placements by 2020.

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