Eight of Wisconsin’s top 10 startups for raising the most venture investments in 2016 came from Madison, according to a report by the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA).

Midwestern BioAg ($26 million), Propeller Health ($22 million), EatStreet ($11 million), Ionic ($8.5 million), Silatronix ($8 million), Understory ($7.5 million), HealthMyne ($6.9 million) and Datica ($6.5 million) were among the 69 companies statewide that raised a total of $225 million. In 2015, Wisconsin startups raised $226 million.

According to the NVCA, Madison ranked 30th nationally for number of startups receiving venture funding in 2016 and 31st for venture capital money invested.

Milwaukee-based Promentis Pharmaceuticals tied Midwestern BioAg for most capital raised, with $26 million. Read the full story here.