The Marquette University College of Nursing has entered into a collaboration with Epic, the industry leader in electronic health records software, to integrate the company’s new Lyceum platform for electronic health records into the college’s nursing curriculum. Marquette is the first nursing school in the country to incorporate this industry standard health records software into its curriculum.

Starting this semester, Marquette Nursing students are using Epic’s Lyceum platform, an educational version of the electronic health record software used in many hospitals. Lyceum provides nursing students with an introduction to a crucial function of their future jobs.

“Being able to offer our students experience on industry-standard software from a leading health technology company is a game-changer for our college,” says Dr. Jill Guttormson, dean of the College of Nursing. “We pride ourselves on producing nurses who are well-prepared for practice. Skilled, ethical use of medical records is a major part of that. Working with Epic allows our students to enter their clinical sites and first nursing jobs equipped to use an EHR for documentation and understanding their patient’s trajectory while remaining focused on providing holistic care.”

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