GenoPalate, Inc., a genetics-based personal nutrition company founded by a Ph.D. geneticist and former medical college professor, announces that it has investor contractual commitments of more than $1,350,000 to assist with scaling its operations and expanding its customer base.

Founded in 2016, GenoPalate uses customers’ DNA to help determine a personalized nutrition profile that shows them which foods are good and bad for their health.

“We empower people with their genetic information to walk into a store and know which foods are healthier for them, based on their unique genetic makeup,” said Sherry Zhang, Ph.D., founder and Chief Executive Officer.

“Through Sherry’s inspired leadership, GenoPalate has created industry-leading genetics technology that best informs customers on how to manage their diet and health. Today’s financing enables the company to execute on its go-to market strategy and offers GenoPalate the opportunity to be one of the region’s breakout startups,” said Joe Kirgues, Co-Founder of gener8tor, a nationally ranked accelerator that invests in high-growth startups and an early investor of GenoPalate.

This is the second funding round the two-year-old company has raised. The new investment comes from states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Texas.

 About GenoPalate

GenoPalate, Inc. empowers members to eat better and healthier through science. Through a simple saliva test, GenoPalate’s test analyzes 100+ genetic markers that determine a person’s specific needs for 26 vital nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamin D, and sodium. The company combines genetic results with millions of nutritional variables to recommend the foods a person should eat more of. Then each client receives a report that includes their genetic results, what they mean, and a personalized list of the 60+ foods that benefit that specific client the most. GenoPalate believes people can start eating healthier, based on your own genetic blueprint.

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