Inc. will have plenty of options to choose from as it narrows its search for a second headquarters outside of Seattle, and its potential costs of doing business will no doubt factor into the equation. And there too, its options are many.

According to a recent analysis by real estate giant CBRE, Amazon can expect to pay as little as $67,000 per worker to get a major tech operation off the ground in Oklahoma City, and it can expect to pay roughly double that amount should it choose the San Francisco Bay area. Dozens of U.S. cities vying to land the online retail and logistics giant fall in between.

CBRE’s estimates were published in its recent report, “Scoring Tech Talent,” comparing the costs to build out, lease and populate a major technology office in dozens of North American cities. The firm’s estimates were based on an operation of 500 employees housed in 75,000 square feet of space — a layout that falls far short of the campus Amazon is seeking for its yet-to-be-determined sister headquarters.

Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) said it expects to employ about 50,000 workers at a future second headquarters and is looking to occupy 500,000 square feet by 2019 and up to 8 million square feet by 2027. Amazon is setting aside $5 billion to build and operate the new corporate office and expects to employ 50,000 workers with an average salary of $100,000. Read the full story here.