PlasmaE, a water tech startup based at The Global Water Center in Milwaukee, has partnered with Milwaukee-based Chrysalis Packaging and Assembly Corp., or Chryspac, to make its aerator devices, creating as many as 50 local jobs, said David Aragon, president and CEO of PlasmaE.

PlasmaE states its AerEpop devices can produce clean water more than 10 times faster than any other device currently on the market.

Chryspac, located near General Mitchell International Airport, is one of the largest veteran-owned businesses in the Milwaukee area.

State and Milwaukee officials visited McKinley Marina Wednesday for a demonstration of PlasmaE’s AerEpop Pearl devices, but also to evaluate the possibility of using the company’s technology for waterways in Milwaukee County. Aragon said the company is also looking into working with Florida officials to use its devices to combat red tide along the state’s coastal waters.

The company is researching the possibility of making its aerators solar powered. Read the full story here.