Milwaukee entrepreneurs Chad Johnson and Morgan Phelps are among startup founders selected for the next cohort in Young Enterprising Society’s Blueprint program.

Y.E.S. founders and brothers Que El-Amin and Khalif El-Amin launched the Blueprint in 2018. The program, which offers startups up to $25,000 in seed capital, is tailored for urban startups in the areas of technology, e-commerce and advanced manufacturing that can add jobs in Milwaukee’s central city, a predominately African-American community.

The program includes a bootcamp and accelerator called Cultivator. The Cultivator comprises two cohorts – Idea Validation, an initial eight-week training program, and Market Validation, a cohort for advanced companies. This cohort is the fifth since the program began.

Johnson, a former workforce development specialist at Aurora Health Care who has since launched several companies, is using the program to grow Tip A ScRxipt, a social payment platform that allows friends and family to place funds into accounts to help their elderly relatives or associates with middle income pay for medical prescriptions. Phelps, a former public relations strategist, owns Colorful Connections, a company that matches companies in the communications and creative industries with talent from diverse backgrounds. Read the full story here.