Brad Zepecki, founder and CEO of Milwaukee’s Octavian Technology Group, is simultaneously addressing two important issues facing the Milwaukee community through his nonprofit, Code the Way.

Founded in 2017, Code the Way turns Milwaukee high school students into junior-level software developers by giving them on-the-job training in building software applications and providing tech services for local nonprofits.

If not for the free services, the nonprofits would struggle trying to fund these digital projects, Zepecki said.

So far, more than 76 students have graduated through the program, and in the process, provided more than $250,000 in free tech services to local nonprofits. Many of the students have opted for degrees in computer science, Zepecki said.

The Milwaukee region is projected to have more than 30,000 vacant tech jobs by 2023 due to the amount of people retiring or changing careers, and filling those positions will be a challenge for area companies. Zepecki is trying to answer the region’s talent pool situation with Code the Way.

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