Rockwell Automation Inc.’s Walker’s Point corporate headquarters has a ton of space. More than 2 million square feet of it.

And even though Rockwell (NYSE: ROK) employs 4,000 people locally, that still leaves plenty of that space open. To wit, the automation company has been hard at work in the last few years renovating the open space for its employees to better utilize it.

One of the primary purposes of the available space is adding additional places for employees to work collaboratively, as chairman and CEO Blake Moret attested to.

“We have taken certain spaces in that old building and revitalized it to create collaborative areas where employees can interact in ways that maybe wouldn’t have been encouraged as much in the past,” Moret said.

Other recent purposes for the renovated spaces include a customer experience center, which Moret said is in use every day, and one of two laboratories Rockwell is using for its Academy of Advanced Manufacturing, which the company hopes will train 1,000 veterans per year by 2020.

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