Four Wisconsin-based companies — RoofMarketplace Inc., Opterrix, Pythonic Corp. and Last Lock Inc. — recently graduated from the inaugural cohort of a selective global entrepreneurship program that expanded to the University of Wisconsin-Madison last year with sponsorship from American Family Insurance.

Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is a Toronto-based nonprofit that facilitates free mentorship for highly scalable, seed-stage science and technology startups. It operates in 10 cities worldwide — including Madison — through partnerships with universities in each location.

Across all of its sites, CDL runs 16 different industry-specific programs focused on areas ranging from artificial intelligence to supply chain.

CDL-Wisconsin launched with a risk management cohort that began in 2020 and is adding a health cohort starting in 2021.

Applications for all 2021-22 CDL programs, which will run from late October or early November through June 2022, are due by July 30. Interested startups can apply here.

CDL-Wisconsin also is targeting founders in Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa and Missouri, said Bram Daelemans, a CDL-Wisconsin venture manager. However, startups don’t need to relocate in order to participate.

The 2020-21 cohorts were entirely virtual, but CDL has historically expected founders to attend five in-person mentorship sessions throughout the program. The 2021-22 programs may include a mix of virtual and in-person sessions, Daelemans said.

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