Several grassroots efforts are underway across the Milwaukee area to help produce and support the region’s future technology entrepreneurs.

Experts say it’s vital to Milwaukee’s tech scene that the region engage its rising contributors to that industry, who at the moment are currently walking through the halls of K-12 and university institutions. Retaining and supporting those soon-to-be working adults grows the tech ecosystem here, not only from within, but helps in attracting out-of-state companies that could be looking to expand into different markets.

This week’s cover story in the Milwaukee Business Journal takes a look at the current state of Milwaukee’s tech hub, which according to recent data and expert opinion, is one of the lower-performing cities in terms of tech growth in the U.S. Watch for our story in the April 6 print and digital editions.

Here’s a look at some of the programs and organizations in the region working to develop the city’s future tech leaders. Read the full story here.