People most commonly think of Milwaukee’s Direct Supply Inc. as a distributor of equipment and services to the senior care industry, and also as one of the larger employers in the Milwaukee area.

While both are true, Direct Supply is much more.

The employee-owned company is one of the leading technology-driven firms in Milwaukee that’s continuously striving to transform one of the largest industries in America.

“I’ve heard from other friends who have come in and joined the company who worked whether at startups or technology companies on the West Coast, and they basically say… it’s like the Silicon Valley of Milwaukee,” said Tom Paprocki, managing director of Direct Supply’s Innovation and Technology Center.

In this Friday’s weekly edition, we explore how Direct Supply is bridging the technology gap for America’s senior care industry by partnering with global, cutting-edge startup companies, in addition to developing its own portfolio of software and hardware products. Those products help senior care providers digitally monitor the health and whereabouts of patients and residents, reduce expenses and improve the overall quality of life for seniors.

“I think it’s the best kept secret in the city,” Paprocki said. Read the full story here.