Milwaukee long has been considered by many in the tech industry to be a Wisconsin backwater to the shining city on the isthmus Madison.

But now Madison-based American Family Insurance, one of the biggest companies in the state, has declared Milwaukee the cool Wisconsin place for attracting millennial-age talent. The company’s plans to establish an office downtown represent both a significant boost for Milwaukee’s burgeoning startup and tech community and an influential new employer for Milwaukee-area college graduates.

A sizable percentage of that group “really wants an urban area” in which to live and work like Milwaukee, said Jim Buchheim, American Family’s vice president of communications.

“Urban areas provide a great variety of options for living, recreation, arts, et cetera,” Buchheim said. “While Madison has a lot to offer and has a great quality of life, it does not rise up to that level of being an urban attraction to this great percentage of younger workers.”

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