A new product from Johnson Controls International plc, the smart building technologies giant, is introducing a facial recognition system that can notify stores, schools and other venues of the presence of an undesirable person.

With the AI-enabled system, retail businesses, venues or educational institutions can receive mobile notifications when terminated employees, a returning suspected shoplifter, or person of interest, comes back to a property.

The system, ExacqVision Facial Matching, uses artificial intelligence to capture and automatically enter facial profiles into a database. If that person of interest returns to the site, the person’s face is compared against other recognized visitors — even if the person is wearing a hat, glasses and has facial hair. Once the profile is confirmed, users of the software can receive a push notification through the Exacq mobile app with the date, time and image of the person of interest.

“Leveraging these tools for a complete automated detection and notification system significantly lessens the burden on staff who have a whole host of other responsibilities to fulfill,” said Ryan Hulse, senior product manager for Exacq, in a news release from Johnson Controls.

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