During his second day on the job leading one of Wisconsin’s largest economic development organizations, Joaquin Altoro was put in front of 150 employees and asked to give a speech.

Altoro was recently selected by Gov. Tony Evers to lead the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority, which provides significant financing to affordable housing and other economic development efforts. Altoro comes from the banking world, and said he is charged by Evers to innovate, and make WHEDA a more significant force in community development.

Altoro is taking the humble approach to this charge, as evidenced by what he said when standing in front of WHEDA’s team on that second day.

“I was a little concerned about it,” Altoro remembered. “But I was my authentic self and asked for everyone’s permission to come on that journey with them, and for them to come on the journey with me. Let’s do this together.”

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