Have you ever been too lazy to run an errand or didn’t have time to pick up your dry cleaning and wished you had a temporary assistant — or perhaps a butler — to take care of that menial task?

Well, it turns out that, for a minimum charge of $7.99, the Milwaukee-based startup MiButler will do just that for you. The local firm, which utilizes a text-based platform, has been taking and fulfilling concierge requests from users in the Milwaukee area for the past several years and in recent months the company ramped up its customer base and widened its geographic service area.

“You let us know what you need and we’ll basically get it done,” said MiButler president Baker Al-Qudsi.

The startup, which soft-launched in 2014, bills itself as a “one-stop shop” for consumers that need a task performed, goods delivered or both. Read the full story here.