EUA, one of Milwaukee’s most well-known architecture firms, has turned its 3rd Ward home into a thoroughly modern workplace, complete with informal gathering spaces, coffee bars and a rooftop terrace that draws employees at all times of the day.

Check out the attached slideshow to get a look at the unique office space.

The building, 333 E. Chicago St., which was built in 1900 and is the former home of the AW Rich Shoe Co., underwent an extensive renovation in 2015.

The open-concept space includes sit-to-stand desks, providing employees the ability to tailor their workstations to individual preferences. Expansive windows flood the space with daylight while operable windows provide fresh air, simultaneously reducing the dependence on artificial light and reducing energy usage. Throughout six floors, informal gathering spaces, nooks and coffee bars create opportunities for impromptu meetings and interaction with co-workers.

A large light-filled design lab is located off the lobby, providing room for team collaboration, employee gatherings and catered events. The basement level encompasses training rooms, a wellness room, locker rooms and a large multi-purpose space, complete with a pingpong table and kitchenette.

One of the office’s most popular features is the rooftop terrace, which provides employees an alternative place to work, take a break or socialize. The space includes a kitchenette, competitive shuffleboard table and audio and visual technology. Accordion doors can be opened, merging the inside and outside, creating one large space that is used for social events and organization and community events. Read the full story here.