Rockwell Automation is the latest major Milwaukee-area business to show its support for a state Legislature bill that would protect transgender people from workplace discrimination, according to a news release.

Last week, the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce announced Wisconsin Businesses for Equality, a collaboration of local businesses supporting the law, including the Milwaukee Bucks, Froedtert Health, ManpowerGroup and Kohler Co. Now, the chamber announced that Rockwell had joined the effort.

“Rockwell Automation is proud to support Wisconsin Businesses For Equality because we believe this will help attract the best talent to this state and positively impact the social and economic health of the region,” said Ed Seaberg, Rockwell’s vice president of information technology. “Inclusiveness and diversity leads to innovation and better decision-making, and people want to live and work where they feel like they fit in.”

Wisconsin became the first state in the nation to protect lesbian, gay and bisexual people from discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations in 1982, but that protection does not yet extend to various gender identities and expressions. The Privacy Protection and Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Act has been introduced in the state Legislature and would add the gender identity protection to the nondiscrimination law. Read the full story here.