It didn’t even require a question about talent attraction to get Milwaukee-area technology CEOs talking about the subject.

The question that sparked the discussion at the Milwaukee Business Journal’s Technology Roundtable April 17 was simply, “what’s the biggest challenge facing your industry?” That question sparked a 30 minute discussion about how technology companies can go about solving that challenge.

David Stamm of Stamm Technologies got the conversation started.

“The number one issue, now more than ever, is getting the right people,” he said. “Also keeping them. The culture is always important, keeping the company culture great and always improving it.”

Andy Nunemaker, CEO of Dynamis Software Corp., responded to Stamm’s assertion, saying he agrees and it’s a statement he hears “all the time.” He added that he doesn’t hear that complaint as much from smaller technology companies as he does from larger firms.

One of the largest companies at the table was Northwestern Mutual, represented by James Hischke, director of tech advancement and outreach. Read the full story here.