The new coach of the TitletownTech team is an experienced player in the startup field.

With a background as a local entrepreneur who expanded his fledgling company into global markets, Craig Dickman was being scouted by the Green Bay Packers long before he emerged as the top candidate to lead the football team’s joint venture with Microsoft.

Dickman left Breakthrough last year to start a new company, Stage 3, to focus on helping companies innovate. But TitletownTech offered an opportunity to do that and more.

“I get a chance to continue to work in this really stimulating environment,” Dickman said. “It’s just incredibly fun.”

Tom Still, president of the Wisconsin Technology Council, and Startup Milwaukee president Matt Cordio say Dickman can lead by example.

“Craig is a really strong entrepreneur who has a confidence-building presence about him, the kind who others can look up to and learn from,” Still said.

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