U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson answered questions about the state’s computer software skills pipeline and the importance of adding more jobs in cybersecurity at an event held at Milwaukee event venue South Second on Thursday.

The event, titled “Transforming the Wisconsin Economy: Fueling jobs growth with software skills,” included panel discussions with academics and tech leaders in Wisconsin. It was sponsored by Software.org.

Johnson took questions from RealClear Politics co-founder and publisher Tom Bevan, who also hosts a weekly radio show on politics on Chicago’s 89 WLS. Watch some of their conversation in the attached video.

One of the panels, consisting of Ray Cross, the president of the University of Wisconsin System; Kathleen Gallagher, executive director of Milwaukee Institute, and Debra Pothier, a senior education strategist with Autodesk, discussed the importance of implementing computer-based skills development in K-12 education and how students approaching college should decide if they should obtain a four-year or a two-year degree. Read the full story here.