The Connected Systems Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee involves a lot of industries, many of which Adel Nasiri doesn’t claim to be an expert in.

But when it comes to a new and wide-ranging field such as the Internet of Things, the object of study at the heart of the Connected Systems Institute, true experts are hard to come by. What Nasiri, the institute’s leader, focuses on is filling in the gaps.

“The reason that we started this is really the need that exists,” Nasiri said. “There’s a gap, big time. Our role here is to fill a lot of talent and research gaps that exist in industry.”

The idea of the Internet of Things is fairly new, emerging well after Nasiri first arrived at UW-Milwaukee in 2005. Nasiri, who was born in Iran, came to the United States in 2001 to pursue a doctorate in electrical engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

After completing his degree, he went to work for a medical safety product company in Florida, but quickly found himself bored in his new field.

“There was a lot of repetitive work in the industry, and not a lot of innovation,” Nasiri said. “I was really after doing innovation. That was really my main drive in looking for an academic job.”

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