When Chris Abele‘s term as Milwaukee County executive ends in April 2020, he’s going to have plenty of time to contemplate his next move.

Of the things he’ll like to do with that free time, though, is reinvest proceeds from his venture capital fund, CSA Partners, into local nonprofits, initiatives and startup companies, along with making himself available to socioeconomic and philanthropic causes that move Wisconsin forward.

“The good news is because (his) venture fund is doing well, I’ve got more to give away,” Abele told the Milwaukee Business Journal this week in an exclusive interview. “Not being in office changes nothing about how passionate I am about where I live. I’m always going to want to do whatever I can to try and take the community I love and build it to the sort of place where, wherever else you’re born in the country, you’re going to think ‘This is OK, but someday I’m going to get to Milwaukee.'”

In October, Abele said he will not run for re-election for Milwaukee County executive, ending his run as the county’s leader since he first took office in 2011 in a special election to fill the nonpartisan office vacated when Scott Walker was elected Wisconsin governor. Read the full story here.