Musky Tank, LLC is announcing the final Mixer in the inaugural eight-event Musky Tank MixerTM series for 2016-17. This event will be held at Tanglewood Greens, 2200 Crestwood Drive, Menomonie, Wisconsin, June 14, 2017 from 6:30 – 8:00pm.

All Musky Tank events are free to attend, but registration is required, online at “I come to Musky Tank events for the networking,” says regular attendee Paul Buenger, project manager at Integrated Design Solutions in Chippewa Falls. “But then I stay for the information sessions. And then, I stay for the networking.”

“The events are intended as a method to bring entrepreneurs, and even wannabe entrepreneurs together in a non-obligatory environment to learn about business topics and make connections,” says co-founder Pete Marsnik. “The Musky Tank Mixer was an experiment we tried last fall, and we cannot be happier with its success.”

About Musky Tank, LLC
Musky Tank, LLC is a Chippewa Valley based consulting company that works with start up entrepreneurs, small companies looking for help to grow, and established companies needing assistance with growth, governance, and overall performance. Founded by Principals Robert Krause, Peter Marsnik, and Scott Biederman in 2015, Musky Tank helps start-ups start up, and growing companies grow.Musky Tank MixerTM is a series of networking events around the Chippewa Valley to bring entrepreneurs and service providers together for a fun evening of networking, learning about a timely topic from local experts, and overall social fun.