Northwestern Mutual, Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee are deepening their commitment to the Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute (NMDSI), extending their partnership for the groundbreaking organization through 2028. The three institutions will commit a total of $35 million to NMDSI over the next five years, building on the nearly $40 million invested to date to advance the Institute’s mission of establishing Wisconsin as a recognized national hub for technology.

Through the continued collaboration of key corporate, academic and community organizations, the NMDSI’s priorities over the next five years will focus on new programs, research and public/private projects that advance academic data science and technology learning in five areas: Artificial Intelligence (AI), AI and Data Bias & Ethics, Behavioral Economics, Financial Literacy, and Health & Wealth Inequities.

“As we celebrate the five-year anniversary of this unique corporate and academic working partnership, we are committed to building upon our initial success, all the while pushing the boundaries for what is possible,” said Jonathan Stark, executive director of the NMDSI. “Our collective expertise amplifies what any one of us could achieve independently. For our local business and community, this has tangible impacts on everything from our talent pipelines and career opportunities, to staying ahead of emerging technologies and advancing equitable outcomes because of them.”

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