MADISON — The Wisconsin Technology Council has teamed with JobSightUSA, a top-ranked winner in the 2005 Governor’s Business Plan Contest, to match job seekers with positions based on specific “skill sets” rather than job titles. The initiative will assist misplaced workers and jobseekers while providing objective data to further develop Wisconsin’s professional workforce.

JobSightUSA helps companies that are considering locating or expanding in Wisconsin to quickly find and hire professionals – while also helping workers who may wish to return “home.” JobSightUSA enables professional jobseekers to input their skills one-time only into a database and be immediately matched to positions with all participating employers.

Employers who want to become a part of this departure from professional job placement should contact to register to become a member of JobSightUSA. Enrollment fees are based on company size. There is a flat fee for job opportunity postings and no hiring fees.  As soon as a company is enrolled, it will begin receiving analysis reports clearly identifying the best candidates for open positions. Human Resource departments can reduce time spent searching through resumes, thus leaving more opportunity for employee training and other tasks.

Job seekers may explore JobSightUSA’s open position list with total anonymity and without fees.
“JobSightUSA represents a completely different approach to locating and placing professional talent,” President Lyle Heller said. “Today’s marketplace needs to match skill levels with job requirements, not just the job title. Participating employers will have current data concerning the professional talent pool and job seekers will have access to jobs that best fit their skills.”

To grow its economy, Wisconsin must reduce the gap between workforce skills available and the skills needed. The Wisconsin Technology Council believes the state must develop its “human capital” to better serve emerging companies — especially those in the tech sector, where matching management talent to high-growth companies is essential.

“We believe there are many Wisconsin-born or educated people who would return to the state if they could be matched to the right opportunity. Our relationship with ‘JobSightUSA’ will help make them make those connections,” Tech Council President Tom Still said.

The Tech Council is the non-profit and non-partisan science and technology advisor to the Governor and the Legislature. Its 43-member board includes members from tech companies, venture capital firms, education and research institutions, government and law.  The Tech Council provides a variety of services to foster innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development.

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