Lake Arrowhead Course Description

Monday, Aug. 1 at Lake Arrowhead

The Pines Course at Lake Arrowhead

If one hits for a birdie on Lake Arrowhead’s Pines Golf Course, it might be a wild turkey. Or some other Wisconsin waterfowl.

Native animals are frequent visitors on The Pines course, which is carved out of the sandy soil of Adams County and its northernmost town of Rome.

That glacial sand is found in abundance in traps on the 18-hole course, with fairways lined by pine, oak and other trees. Water hazards add to the challenge as well as the overall setting, often drawing thirsty deer to the scene.

Like its sister course, Lake Arrowhead Lakes, The Pines is flanked by homes that make up the larger community. It has become a reborn destination in central Wisconsin, thanks in part to the nearby Sand Valley course and other natural attractions, but also because of its mix of seasonal and permanent residents.

Here’s a brief description of The Pines course, with yardage from the white and red tees:

No. 1 – Par 4, 328/256 yards, slight dog-leg left after clearing sand on left of fairway.

No. 2 – Par 5, 487/429 yards, straight with sand to right and left; breaks right at end.

No. 3 – Par 4, 342/268 yards, straight with sand near green.

No. 4 – Par 3, 122/89 yards, water in front, sand in back of green.

No. 5 – Par 4, 358/275 yards, slight dog-leg right, four traps spaced out.

No. 6 – Par 4, 336/267 yards, slight dog-leg right, three traps spaced out.

No. 7 – Par 3, 168/117 yards, sand to left of green.

No. 8 – Par 4, 412/301 yards, straight but narrow green.

No. 9 – Par 5, 490/456 yards, tight with water on left, breaks left at the end.

No. 10 – Par 4, 357/310 yards, water left, sand mostly right, knoll before green approach.

No. 11 – Par 5, 486/463 yards, dog-leg left, sand in four spots.

No. 12 – Par 4, 337/300 yards, dog-leg right, four bunkers spread out.

No. 13 – Par 4, 335/284 yards, straight, two bunkers.

No. 14 – Par 3, 169/115 yards, sand right and left of green.

No. 15 – Par 4, 387/317 yards, slight dog-leg left, sand near green.

No. 16 – Par 5, 498/474 yards, straight with trap and water near green.

No. 17 – Par 3, 144/119 yards, water right, bunkers left of green.

No. 18 – Par 4, 426/373 yards, slight dog-leg left; bunkers right then on three sides of green.

Total yards – 6,182/5,213, par 72.