Tech entrepreneur and 7Summits founder Paul Stillmank, along with a team of seasoned industry veterans, announces the launch of his latest venture, 7Rivers. The Milwaukee-based startup is helping businesses understand and embrace the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning by harnessing the power of their most valuable asset: data.

7Rivers guides organizations through the complexities of digital transformation, helping companies across industries and sectors recognize how their continuous flow of data can be channeled to support business development with the help of an expert advisor to navigate the new world of data technology. By breaking down data silos and ensuring comprehensive data access, the company plans to turn data into workable resources, generating value and identifying competitive advantages that will promote growth in a continuously evolving business environment.

“7Rivers is inspired by nature and how data is so analogous to water,” said Paul Stillmank, 7Rivers Founder and CEO. “Water is essential to life, and data has become essential to the life of businesses. Like rivers, data flows inside and outside of companies. Rivers have confluences; data confluences present the opportunity for very powerful business outcomes. The constant movement and motion of water as it shapes our surroundings over time is a parallel to how data is transforming today’s business landscape – it’s what influenced the mantra ‘where data flows, business grows’.”

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