Bend Health, Inc. (“Bend”) a leading national, virtual pediatric behavioral care provider that raised $32 million in capital last year, today announced an expansion of its child and adolescent mental health care services to include virtual neuropsychological evaluations. Neuropsychological testing from Bend is available nationwide and in the District of Columbia.

Bend’s virtual, evidence-based neuropsychological evaluations assess various conditions, including ADHD, learning differences, behavioral challenges, autism spectrum disorders, brain injuries, and other neurological disorders, providing a thorough evaluation of cognitive functioning from highly-trained and licensed experts. Neuropsychological evaluations are mandatory in some states to access IEPs (individualized educational programs) or specialized services. A shortage of licensed providers has led to lengthy waitlists spanning months or years, significantly damaging kids’ and teens’ ability to reach their maximum educational potential. Bend evaluations are like those in traditional in-person settings, but provide timelier, more convenient, and cost-effective access.

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