The annual conference, which has existed under different
names for more than 20 years, will feature the seventh annual “Elevator Pitch
Olympics” for companies in a seed financing stage and the fifth annual
Wisconsin Angel Network Early Stage presentation track for companies seeking
angel investments and beyond.

Twenty-three companies were selected for the WAN track
(Wednesday, Nov. 2) and at least 15 more will take part in the Elevator Pitch
Olympics (Thursday, Nov. 3).  Companies
in the WAN track feature technologies in information technology and Internet
services, biotechnology, medical devices, advanced manufacturing and
“cleantech.” Ten of the 23 are Qualified New Business Ventures in Wisconsin,
which can make investors eligible for state tax credits.

“The presenting companies at the Early Stage Symposium
reflect the diversity of Wisconsin’s tech-based economy,” said Tom Still,
president of the Wisconsin Technology Council. “From drug development to Internet
solutions, and from production of medical isotopes to new applications in
construction, mobile gaming, nanotechnology and water treatment, these
companies represent potential opportunities for investors.”

Here are the 23 companies selected to make seven-minute
investor pitches in the Wisconsin Angel Network tracks:

AhR Pharmaceuticals – This Madison firm is developing products
based on a natural hormone for low side-effect therapies to combat cancers and

AquaMost – This Madison company has developed a unique, scalable water
purification device that cleans drinking water or water used in shale gas
drilling without the use of chemicals or filters. AquaMost is a past Governor’s
Business Plan Contest finalist.

AviMed Pharmaceuticals – This New
Berlin company is focused on drug development for psychiatric disorders,
particularly schizophrenia. AviMed is a past Governor’s Business Plan Contest

Byte Recycle LLC (Murfie) – Murfie is
an off-site storage facility that converts its customers’ music CDs into
digital files that can be downloaded, sold and traded.

Centrose – This Madison company
discovered the first synergistic drug-targeting system, called the
Extracellular Drug Conjugate System, for use against various cancer tumors and

Door 6 – This Madison company is a
mobile game development studio focused on building a proprietary,
cross-platform game engine to make it newest game, Atmosphere, available on all
major mobile platforms.

Echometrix LLC – This Madison company
is commercializing a proprietary
ultrasound technology for non-invasive evaluation of ligament, tendon and
muscle conditions. Echometrix is a past Governor’s Business Plan Contest

Flatt Cola – This Madison firm has
produced a cola-flavored energy drink that is already breaking into Wisconsin
markets and which plans to add drink flavors as it expands.

GeoPay – Based in Reston, Va., GeoPay
is a mobile money transfer product that enables consumers to exchange cash from
phone to phone, a system that can serve populations in the developing world
with limited banking options.

Hope Shelter Manufacturing LLC – This
Milwaukee company manufactures and sells products that help construct tough,
insulated structures that help poor people in developing nations or people hit
by natural disasters.

Insulete Inc. – This Madison company
has developed a circular DNA molecule that has the potential to cure Type 1
diabetes. This company won the Life Sciences category in the 2011 Governor’s
Business Plan Contest.

Interfacial Solutions LLC – This River
Falls firm provides flame retardant materials that utilize low-cost

InvivoSciences LLC – This company, with
offices in Wauwatosa and Madison, is
manufacturing and selling tissue-culture consumables and drug-screening devices
to analyze treatment-induced gain or loss of physiological functions.

IV Diagnostics Inc. – Located in
Valparaiso, Ind., this company creates biomarkers and a drug-device combination
for diagnosing blood-borne diseases using in vivo based technology.

Lucigen – This Middleton firm is a life
sciences “tools” company that is developing a rapid diagnostic device and
reagents for the detection and differentiation of three human respiratory

NCD Technologies – This Madison company
has developed nano-crystalline diamond coating technology for multiple market
applications, including electronics, medical, energy extraction and aerospace
industries. NCD is a past Governor’s Business Plan Contest finalist.

NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes – With
ties to Dane and Rock counties, this company is working on technologies related
to producing Molybdenum-99 and Technetium-99m for medical imaging and
therapeutic markets.

oneEvent Technologies – This Madison
company uses Internet technologies to analyze temperature, smoke, humidity and
occupancy data from buildings, which can then be used in conjunction with alarm
and other warning systems.

Perfect Cross LLC – This Nashotah firm
has developed a new category of muscle support and pain-relief products called
Kinetic Performance Systems. These adhesive devices work with a person’s
anatomy to provide support, pain relief and rehabilitation. Perfect Cross won
the Advanced Manufacturing category in the 2011 Governor’s Business Plan

Pilot Training System LLC – This
Middleton firm is advancing flight simulation technologies by developing a
weather database that will help create more realistic training conditions.

Shine Medical – This Middleton company is
developing a new way to manufacture the medical isotope molybdenum-99, which is
the precursor for an isotope (Technetium-99m) used in more than 30 diagnostic
procedures and screenings.

Spill Inc. – This campus-based company
in Madison is developing an online communications and analytics platform that
changes how people give and receive confidential peer support.

Whole Trees Architecture and Structures – This
Madison company pre-assembles and sells structural building systems using small
diameter trees harvested from forest cullings.

News media representatives may contact the companies through
Jodi Hoeser or Zach Brandon at 608-442-7557 or

The Early Stage Symposium will also feature 18 panel
discussions with nationally known speakers and panelists, the “First Look
Forum” for pre-commercial, campus-based discoveries and a luncheon honoring
Wisconsin’s winners of SBIR and STTR grants. 
Participants in the angel and “Elevator Pitch” tracks will also be
eligible to take part in presentation training seminars. Investors registered
so far represent 25 funds or networks, as well as banks and individual

The conference is produced by the Wisconsin Technology
Council and its partners and sponsors. Visit to register,
review sponsorship opportunities or to learn more.