Effective immediately Enterprise Services Management (ESM) has relaunched as B/2BNOW.  The exclusive focus of the company going forward will be to fill the large gap which exists in Cloud B2B/EDI offerings for SAP® S/4HANA customers globally.

“SAP’s rapid migration to both the Cloud and S/4HANA has created a tremendous white space in the B2B marketplace,” said Kersels.  “Our deep background in SAP and B2B, combined with our highly focused team, enabled us to release the first product in this space at unprecedented speed.  What we rolled out will completely transform and disrupt the SAP B2B/EDI space as it is known today, a testament to ‘running simple’.  EDI will finally become a true commodity offering for SAP customers.”

In mid-2018 ESM rapidly deployed the first and only live S/4HANA Public Cloud customer on EDI after becoming PartnerEdge® Build certified by SAP.  Since then, ESM has continued down the path of becoming the leading Cloud B2B/EDI provider for all S/4HANA platforms.  As B/2BNOW, the company will continue to work very closely with SAP Sales and Product Management, as well as key System Integrators, to quickly deliver innovative B2B related solutions for S/4HANA. Read the full story here.