Wisconsin Technology Council President Tom Still and Voximetry CEO Dr. Sue Wallace joined us today for Lunch(UP)date (presented by Perkins Coie), the Chamber program where you can take a break and enjoy lunch while staying curious, connected and informed.

Fresh off a win at last month’s Pressure Chamber, Dr. Wallace discussed Voximetry’s mission, the problems they’re working to solve and the milestones they’re hoping to reach yet this year. Her resume includes holding executive positions for Wisconsin healthtech companies like GE Healthcare and Accuray, and despite living on the west coast, she talked about why she thinks it is important to build her new company and team in Greater Madison.

Still recently marked 20 years leading the Technology Council, and he looked back on some of the early conversations he had in raising awareness about where our economy was going and where it needed to go. He also discussed bipartisan policy accomplishments made during his tenure, the national investment landscape, the NSF Engines Program and Greater Madison’s positioning in leveraging the technology hubs enacted under the CHIPS Act.

View the recording here.