SofTap Water, Inc., a Cincinnati water technology start-up, and a graduate of The Water Council’s BREW Corporate Accelerator program in Milwaukee WI, announced today they have achieved a breakthrough in water softening treatment using a proprietary Surface Accelerated Crystallization (SACr) technology. SACr physically removes temporary hardness without using chemicals or high pressure, which are major limitations of current softening technologies.

SofTap’s water softening technology is well-suited for household, commercial, and industrial applications, including the prevention of limescale build-up in households and scaling in industrial water treatment systems, as well as improving current reverse osmosis treatment systems. The technology is simpler and more cost-effective than other softening systems on the market today that use zeolites, which must be regenerated using brine, or membrane nanofiltration that requires significant water usage and high pressure. Read the full release here.