WiSys VentureHome. It may sound like a new GPS system, but it’s actually a natural extension of a core principle known as “the Wisconsin Idea” — shared by the University of Wisconsin (UW) System and WiSys — that what happens on UW campuses should enhance people’s lives beyond the boundaries of the campus.

In fact that was a driving force behind the creation of WiSys more than two decades ago, when the UW System recognized the need for a foundation to support the innovation and technology transfer needs of all UW System schools beyond its large flagship institution, UW-Madison. WiSys’ ethos is that good ideas can come from anywhere. Today, it serves as the designated TTO for its 11 regional campuses and it also works with other TTOs in the state, in particular the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (UW-Madison’s TTO) and the UWM Research Foundation (UW-Milwaukee’s TTO).

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