For years, the company ArchVirtual has been bringing architecture into the realm of virtual reality. Now, it’s trying to do the same for job training, and training medical professionals in particular.

ArchVirtual recently launched a software platform called Acadicus — a virtual reality platform that medical training facilities can use to teach and simulate procedures for aspiring nurses, emergency response technicians and clinicians. Two weeks after the project’s launch, company co-founder Jon Brouchoud said he’s already working with the UW Health Clinical Simulation Program to implement the technology there.

“With Acadicus, you can put on a headset, and be immersed with a medical expert,” Brochoud said. “You’re not a static observer, a passive observer of a video. You’re engaged in the learning. You’re able to pick up instruments and follow along.”

Brouchoud said that the software could be applied to any kind of environmental training, like construction or job safety walkthroughs. However, the company is primarily targeting medical training facilities for Acadicus’ launch.

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