A Madison startup wants to help people get healthy through a simple mechanism: The bathroom scale.

The scale that Easy Way To Health is leasing to companies and wellness programs in the area would not be recognizable in any high school locker room, though. The WiFi-connected contraption is sleek and bathroom-porcelain white, as if it were a product sold at an Apple Store. There’s no traditional needle-and-tickmark or weight-and-counterweight mechanism, just a pad to stand on and a pole-mounted touchscreen.

A would-be weight watcher never actually sees how much they clock in at on the scale’s screen — according to the company’s founder and CEO Renato Romani, that can be a disincentive when it comes to getting fit. Instead, they step on, scan a QR code on a smartphone app, and get off. Data on their weight and body mass index goes straight to a cloud-based software system, available online and on the mobile app. Read the full story here.