More than 200 undergraduate students, faculty advisors and guests gathered at the Wisconsin state Capitol Wednesday for the 13th annual Posters in the Rotunda research event.

The event allows students from each university and technical college across the UW System to share original and innovative research findings with students from other campuses, state legislators and community members.

UW System President Ray Cross welcomed the researchers and stressed the importance of their efforts to explain their findings.

“It’s a really exciting time to showcase what the university is doing, and to a lot of other people, to see what you’re doing,” Cross said.

Tom Still, president of the Wisconsin Technology Council, urged students to think about what it means to be part of the growing talent in the Wisconsin workforce. Undergraduate discoveries can be applied in terms of inventions, he said, and make their way into the marketplace.

Still added the council has recently traveled to campuses to learn about the research taking place systemwide.

“We deliberately get around to try to see what’s happening on those campuses and how it transfers out,” Still said. “So you’re here as ambassadors.”

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