Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology Group said Wednesday that it remains committed to its $10 billion Wisconsin manufacturing facility, rejecting a report that it’s considering reducing its initial investment by making display screens for smaller electronics, like phones, rather than large screens for televisions.

The Tokyo-based Nikkei Asian Review reported that Foxconn was looking at producing small to medium-sized display panels for Apple, carmakers and others rather than larger display screens, as originally planned. The story cites unnamed sources who were familiar with the plans.

Foxconn, the world’s largest contract maker of electronics and China’s largest private employer, called the report “inaccurate” and “not based on any facts.” It said in a news release that there had been no changes to its plans to invest $10 billion and create 13,000 jobs at the planned facility in southeastern Wisconsin, near the Illinois border.

The Nikkei Asian Review story said producing larger liquid crystal display panels, as originally planned, would have required a more complete local supply chain that doesn’t currently exist and a greater initial investment in equipment.

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