Madwaukee – A new, unprecedented collaboration called Madwaukee Talks is bringing Madison and Milwaukee together to share the costs and benefits of common speakers who will inform, enlighten and motivate our communities.

“For Wisconsin to compete on a national stage, Madison and Milwaukee, our two largest cities, need to be working together,” said Chandra Miller Fienen, Director of Operations and Programs at StartingBlock Madison. “These talks will help our innovation communities understand the same data and have the same starting points for conversations about the opportunities and challenges that we face in driving strong economic growth.”

“Madison and Milwaukee have complementary skill sets and resources; together they can reinforce and support regional economic growth and job creation,” said Kathleen Gallagher, executive director of the Milwaukee Institute. “The time has come for a more concerted effort to bring these two cities together.”

Wisconsin’s venture capital numbers were down considerably in 2017, but they are just one metric that contributes to the health of a startup community. Unlike any other time in the state’s history, we’re seeing new venture funds open and a rebirth of startup companies, said Scott Resnick, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at StartingBlock.

“We hope to dive into the numbers to discover new opportunities for Madison and Milwaukee –. two cities that are critical to the health of the state as a whole,” Resnick said. Read the full story here.