Coronavirus is putting remote work to the test.

Companies across sectors are implementing policies that encourage employees to work from home as the number of infections rises and sequestering spreads across the country.

Automakers such as Ford Motor and General Motors push more workers to stay away from the office, while tech companies such as Google and Amazon deploy similar strategies. Colleges and school districts across the country are shifting toward online instruction.

As the number of people depending on home internet connections rises, service reliability and download strength are more vital than ever. Can network providers keep up with the demand?

“This is very uncertain and untested,” according to Dhiraj Sharma, CEO of the workplace communication platform Simpplr.

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At the office, companies typically have high-bandwidth internet lines that can power large swaths of employees. “But with everyone working from home, it’s uncertain if these companies will be able to keep up with the residential bandwidth demand,” Sharma said.

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