Lamarr Banks is not just a people person; he’s an entrepreneurial people person with a passion for business models, ideas, and technologies. As the Urban Hub Community Manager for the Greater Green Bay Chamber’s Economic Development team, his role involves developing entrepreneurial programming and making connections between diverse personalities, opportunities, and resources.

“I grew up in a rough part of Milwaukee, and we didn’t have a lot of resources,” Banks shares. A move to Green Bay during high school made the dream of college more attainable, and even as a first-generation student, he always had a knack for finance. “I would say I was always like that. And that really comes from… I’m the oldest of five, so I’ve always been someone that had to lead.”

While he first pursued a major in human biology, finance resonated more with Banks, leading him to graduate from UW-Green Bay with a degree in Finance. His first job after college was as a teller at Nicolet National Bank. Recognizing real estate as a great way to build wealth, he became an assistant property manager and eventually found his way to the Urban Hub through the Greater Green Bay Chamber.

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