Through its Grainger Institute for Engineering, the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering and Argonne National Laboratory are partnering on ways to accelerate technology development that fuels growth in the $1.2 trillion manufacturing sector, while also aiming to facilitate a broad portfolio of research shared between the two institutions.

“The collaboration between UW-Madison and Argonne National Laboratory will provide an impactful technical partnership on societal needs, including energy, sustainability, materials discovery and advanced manufacturing. The proximity of the university to the laboratory will permit strong personal interactions,” says Ian Robertson, UW-Madison College of Engineering dean.

The college and Argonne will leverage complementary expertise. Three important thrust areas for Argonne—its grid program, nuclear science and engineering, and manufacturing science and engineering—join forces in this collaboration. They will partner with the college in developing and testing advanced materials, nuclear engineering, and power grid research and in developing new processes for making manufacturing more energy-efficient and sustainable.

Manufacturing accounts for roughly 25 percent of U.S. energy consumption and generates 12 percent of U.S. gross domestic product. New highly functionalized materials, chemistries and devices that can be manufactured at scale can open up new sources of energy and product lines. Read the full story here.