A generous gift from American Family Insurance today coupled with a planned expansion of its research collaboration will spearhead the growth of UW–Madison’s research in data science, supporting work that could push forward studies in fields as different as artificial intelligence, genetics, drug development, material science and business. The emerging field of data science has its roots in computer science and statistics and is catalyzing unprecedented growth in the global economy.

American Family Insurance is announcing today that it will invest $20 million in UW data science initiatives, including $10 million in research over the next 10 years — through 2029 — and establish a $10 million endowment to create the American Family Insurance Data Science Institute on campus.

“American Family Insurance is a proud partner and supporter of UW–Madison,” said Jack Salzwedel, American Family Insurance chair and CEO. “This latest partnership recognizes the importance of using data science to help our customers, by providing insights on the challenges they face and how best to take action to meet them. The Institute will also develop a pipeline of potential future employees in the data science field, as well as provide valuable learning opportunities for our current employees.” Read the full story here.