Historically a manufacturing hub, Wisconsin is known for producing iconic products such as tractors, motorcycles, and, of course, beer, but its economy has significantly changed in recent years. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s largest city, manufacturing has ceased to dominate the local economy. Instead, businesses in the service sector, as well as startups, now employ most workers.

While there has been a lot of recent growth in the Milwaukee startup scene, the startup community has historically faced challenges. Many have reported a lack of support resources available to local startups, including a lack of capital. This has made it difficult for startups to stay and grow their businesses in the greater Milwaukee area. Recent reports have also cited that millennial population growth in Milwaukee is lower than in other major cities around the U.S., posing a challenge for attracting and retaining young talent in the area.

Now, Milwaukee organizations are working to address these challenges by finding ways to support a united source of capital, resources for entrepreneurs and startups, and other efforts to make Milwaukee a vibrant tech hub for 21st century businesses and talent. Read the full story here.