Wisconsin has a surplus of new ideas and entrepreneurial ambitions, but professional expertise is needed to turn those dreams into reality, say Arjun Sanga, president of WiSys, and Zach Halmstad, co-founder of a software corporation in Eau Claire.

Their essay is titled “Tapping into the creativity of our students for the good of Wisconsin: Contributions to the Wisconsin Idea across generations.” It is the latest in a new online series featuring more than 20 prominent leaders on the topic of innovation.

Calling on executives, investors and policymakers, they write, “We need our 22-year-old graduates to believe they can have an innovative startup in our state. We believe that as a community of people committed to young innovators we can help our students achieve and stay.”

The series is called “Innovation and the Wisconsin Idea.” In addition to Sanga and Halmstad, contributors include university researchers and educators, business leaders and entrepreneurs, investors, and public officials who share their views on the crucial interdependence between university innovations and the strength of the Wisconsin economy.

Co-authors represent different regions of the state while sharing a common bond through the field they represent, from agriculture and engineering to health care and policymaking.

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