A Fox Valley Tech initiative in its second year will be returning after receiving tens of thousands more dollars to fund the program.

The college’s “E-Seed” program trains returning military veterans to become entrepreneurs.

From an international confections business to a mobile smoothie bar this class of veteran entrepreneurs are all writing business plans in hopes of making their businesses a reality.

“Without this class I would have never taken any business classes,” says U.S. army veteran Angel Storm. “I have a PhD, but I would have no idea how to set up a business let alone write a business plan.”

“E-Seed” is in its second year and will now have a third.

The secretary of Veterans Affairs delivered a check for more than $94,000 to the college.

The students say the entrepreneur course gives area vets direction.

“Most veterans get out of the military and they aren’t exactly exactly sure what they want to do,” says U.S. army veteran Brandon Bonfiglio. “They had everything provided for them, they knew where to be and when so they get out and maybe they don’t have a compass pointing them in the right direction.” Read the full story here.